Money Market Accounts

Account Selection Preferred Money Market
Minimum to Open $1,000.00
Minimum Ledger Balance to avoid maintenance cost $2,500.00
Maintenance Cost $10/month
(1) Item Charge $5.00 per excessive MMDA debit
Interest Rates Variable
Interest Paid Frequency Monthly
Deposits Unlimited
Withdrawals (1)
Statements (2)
Check Imaging (3)

1. Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company allows a maximum of six (6) transfers each month to other accounts or to third parties each month by check, through point-of-sale purchase transactions with a debit card, by pre-authorized or automatic agreements, telephone, or online. This limit does not apply to withdrawals or transfers made in person at a branch or at an ATM.
2. Monthly with combined statement or an electronic fund transfer. Otherwise quarterly.
3. Your monthly statement will include laser images of your cancelled checks.

For additional information on our Money Market products, please contact our Personal Banking Team.